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We help games get discovered by thousands of verified Twitch streamers and their viewers.

Who Can Use IndieRaid?

Content Creators

Earn money by trying out new games! Just follow simple guidelines such as speaking loud & clear about what's going through your mind while playing these games. We just want your genuine feedback. No endorsement necessary.

Indie Game Developers

We automagically deliver your game to the right Twitch streamers along with detailed reports & video footage of streamers playing your game. If your game requires keys to access, we can help you distribute them as well.


Massively scale live audience reach while working less. Filter streamers based on language and region. We'll provide comprehensive reports including viewership and click-throughs from each streaming sessions.


Don't listen to us. Listen to what our users have to say about us!


  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Manual/Automatic key distribution to verified streamers
  • Email alerts when streamers play your game
  • Basic report about key distribution
$20 or higher
  • Everything from 'Free' plan
  • Your game is discoverable to our verified streamers.
  • Filter streamers by average concurrent viewer count
  • Streamer Store - sell your game directly with our streamers
  • Comprehensive report about key distribution, streamer viewer count, and streamer gameplay video footage
$1000 or higher
  • Everything from "Indie" plan
  • Filter streamers by language and region